Conference Schedule (07.09.2021)

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Panel 03: Musicology in the Age of Post-Truth (S3) Chair: Britta Sweers

Paper Session 05
Chair: Cristina Urchueguía
Paper Session 06
Chair: María Cáceres-Piñuel
9.00–9.30Wolfgang Marx
Musicology between Relativism and Neo-Positivism (S3.1)
Burkhard Meischein
Das Verhältnis zwischen Musiktheorie und Musikwissenschaft im Vergleich: Wandlungen im Gegenstandsverständnis des Faches in der DDR und der Bundesrepublik (P14)
Alexander Wilfing
Reframing the Beginnings of Academic Musicology (P17)
9.30–10.00Ewa Schreiber
Modernist Composers’ Narratives and the Concept of Truth (S3.2)
Meredith Nicoll
Performing the GDR: Songs of a Budding Dictatorship, Musicological Challenges and Opportunities  (P15)
Malik Sharif
«The Viennese School of Comparative-Systematic Musicology»: On the Construction, Function, and Discursive Career of a Narrative in the Historiography of Austrian Musicology (P18)
10.00–10.30Peter Tregear
Telling Tales in Musicology (S3.3)
Max Erwin
Telling Tales at Darmstadt. New Music and New Narratives in Post-War Germany (P16)
Martin Pensa
Ein kritischer Blick auf Hans Heinrich Eggebrechts Mahler-Buch  (P19)
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Keynote 4: Lunch Lecture 
David Irving
Narratives of Musicology in Progress (K4)
Chair: Cristina Urchueguía

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 Panel 04: Telling Music. Western Musicology and Its Literary Genres (S4)
Chair: Luis Velasco-Pufleau
Paper Session 07
Chair: Caiti Hauck-Silva
Paper Session 08
Chair: Anja Brunner
14.30–15.00Paolo Gozza
Histories of Music (S4.1)
Vera Wolkowicz
Latin American musicology: A Euro-(North)American Invention (P20)
Olga Manulkina
Revising the History of Soviet Musicology (P23)
15.00–15.30Maria Semi
Music Dictionaries (S4.2)
María Cáceres-Piñuel
Unofficial Musicological Transfers and Exchanges between Spain and the Americas during the Cold War (P21)
Valentina Sandu-Dediu
Writing and Re-Writing Music Histories: Mentality Changes in Romanian Musicology (P24)
15.30–16.00Francesco Finocchiaro
Print Journalism as a Source for Film Music Historiography (S4.3)
Tina Frühauf
Shifting the Map of Musicology: Émigrés in Latin America, 1930–1960 (P22)
Patrick Becker-Naydenov
«Historiographisches Schöpfertum»: Strategien bulgarischer Musikgeschichtsschreibung zwischen Nationalismus und Sozialismus (P25)
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16.30–17.00 Rim Jasmin Irscheid
Uncomfortable Sounds: Arabic Experimentalism and the New Generation of (Post-)World Music Productions (P29)
17.00–17.30 Eduardo Sato
Transnational Musicology in World War II Brazil: Mário de Andrade, Luiz Heitor Corrêa de Azevedo, and U.S. Good Neighbor Policy (P27)